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Related article: Blood Red Moon Chapter 14 body { margin: 0; background-color: #FF6347; scrollbar-base-color: #ED5135; color: #000000; } A:link { text-decoration: underline; color: #C40800; } A:hover { text-decoration: underline; color: #386018; } A:active { text-decoration: none; color: #386018; } A:visited { text-decoration: underline; color: #994100; } p, li, dt, dd { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } pre { color: #000000; } h1 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 15pt; text-align: center; color: #A02902; } h2 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: Underage Girls Nude 13pt; text-align: left; color: #A02902; } h3 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } .tleft { margin-left: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: left; } .tright { margin-right: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: right; } hr { height: 1px; border: 1px solid #A04800; } .tmain { background-color: #FF7E62; border: 1px solid #A04800; border-collapse: collapse; } .tdark { background-color: #F8775B; border: 1px solid #A04800; border-collapse: collapse; } Chapter 14 This story is purely fictional. However, some places mentioned do in fact exist, but certain things may be changed for the advantage of the Underage Girls Nude story. This story will, at some point, include sexual relations between two males. If you don't want to read something like that, then leave. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas), or if it is illegal for you to view this material, then you should exit Underage Girls Nude out of this. This story is copyrighted and may not be copied for any reason, without the author's permission. Chapter 14 - Exorcism of Underage Girls Nude Stephon... Attacked again! Eventually hunger pulled Underage Girls Nude us from our preoccupation with each other. I had awoken snuggled into Andrew's chest listening to his heart beat. He woke up at the exact same time. It had been happening that way for awhile now. It was a small loss, to not wake first and watch him sleep, a fascination of mine that he found amusing. We didn't speak. We didn't need to. We knew almost immediately that we were going to let the wolves do the hunting, mainly because we were both too hungry to cook. We went to the cottage door to find that it was early morning but the sky was still dark. There was no fire in the kitchen and it was very cold outside. The forest was freezing over. Andrew had decided that he would start fires in the kitchen and bedroom before we left so that it would be warm when we returned. I turned on the stereo, looking for and found some fun music `Werewolves of London' came on I couldn't help myself but dance and sing with the song. Andrew laughed at my antics and my happiness and howled with me and the song. He had the fires built and the grates in place and then came to dance with me. When the song ended, laughing we both held each other and then arm in arm we went out to the front yard and transformed into our wolves. His wolf seemed to have grown and it was a pure snow white now. He was magnificent. The transition was effortless and instantaneous. We both took off at a run. We gloried in each other and played as wolves. Underage Girls Nude We hunted and brought down together a large elk just as the sun began to rise. We set to howling at the top of Underage Girls Nude our lungs, our joy filling the morning air. In the distance we heard the twins howling in answer to our call. We as one yipped and howled back. We tucked into the elk and ate our fill devouring Underage Girls Nude most of the large animal. Then we took off full tilt racing around our meadow playing and enjoying being together. It was then that I smelled it. We were almost back at the cottage when I caught the whiff of another large predator. I didn't recognize the scent but Andrew did. It was a large black bear. It was his Uncle David. The wolf was instantly angry that this animal was on my territory without my permission. Andrew reasoned that he was probably here because he was Stephon's heavy and I had cut Andrew's link with Stephon and so Stephon had sent David to check on him. I bristled at being checked up on. I was enjoying this time together and I didn't want any interruptions but I knew that it was inevitable. Still to be interrupted by this bully was more than I could take. I was outraged. We were soon at the door of the cottage and the two of us were snarling at the bear. I could tell he enjoyed throwing his weight around. The wolf said he needed to learn some manners. He was Underage Girls Nude only a black bear after all. My wolf snarled and snapped at him. I felt my fangs elongate and my claws grow longer as I saw red. I got between Andrew and the bear. I was incensed. I was in attack mode. I was bristled and snarling my rage. This was Underage Girls Nude the monster that had beaten my Andrew and taken joy in it. I felt Andrews fear as the bear took a swipe at me. Suddenly Andrew was transforming and it wasn't into the falcon. He was growing larger and larger. He was huge and white when his form solidified an enormous polar bear stood over me and was roaring at the black bear. He was almost twice the size of the black bear. I got out of the way. The thunderclap that was the polar bear clubbing the black bear and sending it spinning down the drive was deafening. The black bear was on its feet and lumbering with a significant limp and blood streaks down its shoulder, back down the drive in the direction of the farm. I looked stunned at Andrew. He was growling and huffing, vigorously shaking his head back and forth. I could tell he was proud of himself. I whined a little in concern but the transformation had been so smooth from wolf to bear that it had appeared as effortless as the wolf had been. I felt his happiness through our link, he was fine. He finally had gotten to take a swipe at David and he had protected me. He lumbered around the yard then and broke trees and laughed at his own strength. I watched him play and wanted to join in. Next thing I knew I was a bear with him. The transformation was painless, smooth and quick. I had thought it and then I was the bear. We nosed and hugged each other and ran about the clearing chasing after each other. It didn't take but an hour and two sandy wolves were running up the path towards the cottage. I was sure that they were coming to check on us because Uncle David had returned with some pretty significant claw marks and they would have thought that I Underage Girls Nude was the one who had changed into the bear. What they found were two polar bears romping around our little meadow. We let them join our play. We were careful not to hurt the young wolves. They were happy to play with us. Obviously they felt no pity for Uncle David's pain. The day was getting on. It was long past noon when first Andrew then I felt comfortable enough to transform back to human. We walked towards the cottage. I waved the boys to join us. The looked at each other, obviously they had been told to check on us not disturb us. I growled and waved at them again. With a bark they came running not wanting to face the wrath of an angry polar bear. I cuffed in laughter. I walked to the front door and became human as I walked through the door. Andrew transformed and followed behind me, his transformation as liquid quicksilver as my own. Our joining had definitely done something for our ability to transform. I knew now that I wouldn't need to practice my tiger for him to be magnificent. I knew that he would be whatever and however I wanted him to be. I went to the bedroom and got dressed. I came back out to 3 naked men in my kitchen sitting around the table going on about Andrew's polar bear. I laughed and threw 3 pair of sweat pants into the middle of the table. The twins each grabbed a pair and got dressed. Andrew grabbed his but came over and kissed me first before he put his on. I laughed and put a pot of water on for tea. I hadn't had any for... I couldn't remember how long. "That was totally Awesome!" Joe was going on. "Nobody has been able to give Uncle David a beating in centuries! He came back whimpering like a pup. I wonder what he is going to tell Stephon. You gotta tell us, who clobbered him?" I laughed. "Andrew transformed into a polar bear to protect me because I was trying to attack him as a wolf. I still think I could have taken him." "Sure love and given me heart failure in the process. Besides I kind of like that bear, the polar bear I mean. He is strong and totally fearless." Andrew said grinning from ear to ear. "I think when it comes to brute force, that bear is unstoppable." "Yes, and don't forget huge. He was enormous." I laughed. "Well you two have been incognito for so long, and then Stephon started yelling that something was wrong because he couldn't reach you anymore. Dad guessed it was because the two of you had become mates and it had cut Stephon out of the loop. But Stephon insisted that wasn't possible." Jack gushed filling us in on everything that we had missed while otherwise occupied. "Oh yes it is." I laughed. "You cut him out!" Joe laughed. "Good for you. Crappy eavesdropping peeping tom vampire gets what's good for him sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong." I laughed because that was the same sentiment I had when I had cut his link. That and a little indignation that he would dare try to claim Andrew's attention away from me. "Well I guess this means the honeymoon is over." I said with a sigh looking lovingly Underage Girls Nude at Andrew. "Ok, if you two are going to get mushy, we're out of here." Jack said but didn't get up from the table. I laughed and cuffed him upside the back of the head. He laughed and smiled up at me. Andrew could feel through our link how much I enjoyed having little brothers even these two and it was augmented by his own love for them. The jealousy was no longer a problem. He knew without a doubt exactly what I was thinking and how much I loved him in with every breath I took and every beat of my heart. "Ok, we really had better get back to the farm before Dad comes looking for us." Joe said standing up and nudging Jack to his feet. "We'll call Tim and then come down to the house." Andrew told the twins and walked outside Underage Girls Nude with them as they shed the sweatpants and transformed. They were barking and running down the road back towards the farm playing as they ran. Andrew came back in carrying the extra pairs of sweat pants. "Times up my love." Andrew sighed and grabbed his cell phone from beside the door and called Tim. "Hey Tim, its Andrew." "How are you doing Andrew?" Tim asked his voice full of concern. "Fine, everything is fine. We are fabulous." "Are you two joined, finally mated then?" "Yes we are one." I could actually hear the phone conversation as if Tim was talking to me. It was going to take some getting use to this connection between us. I liked it though. There were literally no secrets between us any longer. "We've had a couple of interesting developments and will be heading down to the farm. Want to meet us there and we can fill everyone in at once." "Sure, when should I be there?" Tim asked a smile in his voice. "We should be there in about half an hour. That work for you?" "That will be fine. I'll bring Charlie. She has a good mind for this stuff she may have some insight for you when it comes to how to best deal with Stephon." "Ok, sounds Great Tim. See you in a few." Andrew hung up the phone. While this conversation was going on I had decided that I wanted to change clothes. No sense in looking like we had just crawled out of bed. We would just have enough time for a quick shower. I had the water running and had already stepped out of my jeans when Andrew came into the bathroom and joined me in the shower. We scrubbed each other down and washed our hair in no time. It was hard not to get involved in each other again in the shower. All I had to do was see his body and I wanted to touch and caress him. It was doubly difficult because I could feel his desire as much as my own, although it was odd to see my own body and feel desire. I left him giggling as I got out of the shower because I could tell he was getting lost in the contours of my back. "Awe now, that's not fair." He grumbled as I grabbed a towel and wrapped up. "Tim will be showing up at your folk's house Underage Girls Nude before us if you don't get a move on. It would be nice to let them know he is coming before he shows up on their doorstep, especially since he is bringing that warrior woman with him." I laughed and was running a comb through my hair. Andrew was standing behind me then Underage Girls Nude and took the comb from me and started combing my hair. He was fascinated by my long hair. He loved the feel of it and brushing it for me. When he had it all combed out and was lost in the action and texture of my hair, I reached back and took hold of his waist behind me and pushed my rear into his hips and swayed slowly from side to side feeling his member between my cheeks. His eyes rolled and he moaned softly. I laughed and took the comb away from him. I felt him harden, even though he knew that we had no time to play. "Dangerous. I always knew you were dangerous." He said as I sprinted from the bathroom with him chasing me to stand in front of the armoire digging out clothes. I ended up in jeans and a blue sweater. Andrew was also in jeans, but he had chosen a button-down grey shirt that looked stunning on him. "Thank you my love I think you look stunning too." He said taking me into his arms and nibbling my ear. Now it was my turn to sigh and melt into him my own arousal just as ardent as his. "Obviously I'm not the only dangerous one in this cottage" I whispered. He chuckled and grabbed my hand and we headed out the door. We would just make it to the farm in time if we hurried. We took off at our wolf trot. Even that seemed faster than it used to be. `You're right. I think I'm going to need a garage. I think we need to add central heating too with the plumbing it won't do for the cottage to get too cold in the winter.' Andrew thought. We laughed and enjoyed the silence but hearing each others thoughts. He knew I was anxious about the future but he also felt my conviction. He knew I thought that the manner in which the vampires kept the shape shifters under their control felt too much like slavery and that slavery for any reason was wrong. He knew that I didn't care that the vampires supposedly felt they were maintaining the shape shifters because we supposedly couldn't look after ourselves. He knew I thought that was a load of crap. I was all for setting things right, I just didn't know how someone like me, not even a member of their society was going to fix it. But he assured me it was because I was outside it all that I actually had a chance. Too soon we arrived at the farm and holding hands. Together we ran up the porch steps and through the front door. Tim's car wasn't here yet. But unfortunately, Uncle David hadn't left yet. He was in a yelling match with Max when we trotted into the kitchen. Laura was in tears. I snarled at David and his eyes got big when he saw me and Andrew walk in the door. "What are you still doing here David?" Andrew spoke, his voice deadly soft and even. "I thought I had made myself pretty clear where I thought you should be going." "You're gonna feel my lash again you brat!" hissed David. "Just you try it little man." I said to him looking him in the eyes and the wolf came out in full force. He was pissed off and wasn't in the mood to take any sass from the likes of this bully. "Keep it up David and I'll have your bear for lunch." My teeth snapped menacingly at him. "Who the hell are you anyway?" David said backing up against the stove as I snarled. Tim came up behind me and put a light hand on my shoulder they must Underage Girls Nude have arrived right behind us. Charlie went to stand in-between David and everyone else. She had her whip out and was glaring at David as if she dared him to transform so she would have an excuse to use the whip. "He is Prince Marcus Lance Underage Girls Nude Fenrir Fitz. If you proceed to accost him or his mate or their family, you are taking your life into your own hands. I would suggest that your business here is concluded and you take your bruises and leave." Tim stated as David eased his way slowly towards the back door. "I'll make sure he leaves." Charlie said with a wicked turn of her lips. "It's nice to see you Tim." Andrew said clapping Tim on the shoulder and then smiling at his Dad who was still not relaxed enough to smile at his unexpected guests. He was looking with new respect at me. I had pulled the wolf back and although he was still growling deep in my chest, I was able to smile shyly at the family I was claiming as mine standing in the kitchen. Laura was the first to snap out of it. She came over to me and threw her arms around me hugging me close to her. Then she took a deep breath "Please won't everyone sit down? I have coffee on and I'm sure there is a lot to discuss, especially considering we just threw Stephon's bulldog out." Tim laughed as Charlie walked through the door grinning like a cheshire cat. "He won't be back for awhile. He had pretty much been handed his dignity I a paper bag." "Ok kids, so besides inciting Stephon's bully, what are these new developments you wanted to discuss." Tim smiled and took a chair at the table. Charlie continued to stand. She appeared to be constantly keeping watch but trying not to be obvious about it. "Well, Andrew and I can both change into anything we want at any time we want without pain or stress. It's like your body turns to liquid silver and you just become what you want, effortlessly." I stated coolly. "He cut my ties to Stephon and I do mean cut. I haven't felt anything from him for hours. I have no idea how, but after we were bound to each other all of a sudden the ties to him were just gone." Andrew said amazed. "He has always been there, ever since I was a child. We are bound to our benefactors, some of us more strongly than others. Stephon has always prized this family and me especially." "Are you all bound to him like Andrew was?" I asked getting a angry at this vampire's control over my family. "Yes dear. He is screaming in all of our heads right now. We are all struggling to keep him at bay, but we will not be able to do it for long." Laura stated cringing a bit under the strain. "May I? I would like to try something, if you don't mind." "Oh, you think so?" Andrew asked me picking up my train of thought. "Yes, I know what to look for and he has pissed me off. I think he should realize how much." I approached Jack first. "What's he going to do?" asked Jack looking alarmed at Andrew. "Wouldn't you like a little privacy from that peeping tom vampire?" I asked Jack smiling down at him. Jack laughed and relaxed as I put a hand on each of his shoulders. I let the wolf loose, he liked the twins. He moved effortlessly to Jack's wolf and then began searching for the touch of the vampire he knew was torturing his family. He wanted it stopped and now. He found it almost immediately with Jack. His wolf was cringing away from the screaming vampire in the back of his mind. Underage Girls Nude A growl started first, he snapped at the vampire who pulled back at the feeling of the strange wolf snapping at his mind. When he pulled back it was a simple snip of the teeth and Jack was free. I felt his sigh of relief as Stephon disappeared from his mind and I left his thoughts. I moved to Joe and freed him as well. Little Angela was easy to free as she was so young that the vampire wasn't even really in her mind yet. Laura was a little bit more difficult because she kept getting in my way trying to get between me and the vampire's mind, trying to protect me from his onslaught. He was becoming more enraged as I freed my family one at a time from him. The last to Underage Girls Nude be freed was Max. He was shaking violently and it took both Andrew and Tim to hold him down because Stephon's voice was so demanding. I went into Max's mind and I went up to the vampire screaming there. The wolf snarled back and attacked the vampire's mind full on. The battle was over in seconds. Stephon was not able to overpower the natural mental power of my wolf. I freed Max after warning Stephon to stay out of my family's heads. I told him that Andrew and I would be coming to see him soon or he could come to see us whatever he preferred but it would be polite of him to call ahead if he planned on a visit. Andrew was laughing heartily as I let go of Max's mind. He was literally wiping tears of laughter from his face. "I could almost see the look on his face. Oh you pissed him off big time love." laughed Andrew. Max was bent over holding his head, but relief was all over his face. "Thank you so much. Having my family free from him, at least in this way is worth any headache. What did he do in the end? I could feel Stephon was furious." Max asked. "I told him to leave my family alone and that Andrew and I would be coming for a visit or that he could come here, whatever he preferred but that it was polite to call ahead first." I said a little sheepishly. Laughter rolled around the table, slowly subsiding then began again as the phone was rang. I could hear the hissing angry voice as Andrew answered the phone. "Why, Hello Stephon, so nice to hear from you. I'm guessing your calling because you are upset with my mate. Sorry Stephon but he is totally wild and free. He Underage Girls Nude does what he wants to and he can be Underage Girls Nude hard to control from time to time. He is very strong willed and rather opinionated and as you can tell and he is very talented. Of course Stephon you are always welcome here. We look forward to your visit. No, I wouldn't recommend that. I think if you attempt to bind him to you, you will probably end up with much more than a headache. Suit yourself. Oh, Tim would like to talk to you." Tim had been laughing at the exchange and had motioned for Andrew to hand over the phone. "Hello Stephon. I just wanted to let you know that we got the test results back on Lance. Yes, that's his name. Well, actually his name is Prince Marcus Lance Fenrir Fitz. I am sure you are familiar with the family names involved. Yes, he is an Ancient Pureblood of the rarest of bloodlines. He is magnificent. Yes, that does make me his vassal, Underage Girls Nude as well as a few others. Yes, we are here too. We take our duty very seriously you know. I am sure you wouldn't have us do any less. Sorry you feel that way Stephon. Now are you accusing me of theft? Theft of a person? Those are very serious charges Stephon, especially even though the shape shifters are under our care, we don't technically own them because slavery is wrong, isn't that right Stephon. I figured you would see it my way. See you soon." Tim was enjoying himself way too much, grinning as he hung up the phone. "I always hated those of us who named themselves as benefactors so they could make themselves powerful on the pain of others. It always strikes me as slavery no matter how you look at it. Any person who does not have the right to determine their own life is not a free person. It is just wrong." Tim huffed. "Thank you" I said to Tim. "Ok, we don't have a lot of time to plan now. I am pretty sure he will be here in a day or two unless he sends an armed escort to take you to him, which he could and would actually make more sense. It will give us a little more time to plan but it will complicate things a bit. What is your ultimate goal where Stephon is concerned?" Tim asked. "Ultimately, I need to at least free Andrew. I would like to free our family too if possible, if that is what they want. I don't want to decide for them, but to be honest I'm not sure exactly what I should be doing. I don't know what is best. I barely know my own people and I find that I am a prince. I feel more comfortable now, that Andrew and I are joined. I feel like I know myself and my people better now, but there is so much I don't know, although I am learning more each day. Maybe instead of asking me what I want to do, I should be asking you all, what you want." I looked at Laura, Max, my little brothers Jake and Joe, Angela and My Andrew. "Love you know my answer. I have always craved freedom. You know my thoughts as well as your own." Andrew smiled at me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders pulling me against him. I look to Max then. "Freedom is a fine thing as a concept, but I have a family to care for. This land is ours and can't be taken from us but if we are freed we loose our pack. I don't think we should cut that connection just yet. Sandy is the head of our family but she has a different benefactor than we do. Cutting us from Stephon would efficiently remove us from our pack we Underage Girls Nude would become ostracized because the other benefactors would prevent the rest of our family from contacting us. There are many benefactors who are much worse than Stephon. He has been good to our family. I understand needing Andrew free, it really is necessary for what you are looking to do for our people Underage Girls Nude as a whole. I have understood his need to be free for a very long time. It is something that I have always wanted, the freedom to decide for myself, not that I regret one moment of my life." He said the last looking into Laura's eyes. "I think that the best choice for my family right now is for you to free Andrew and the rest of us shall be free Underage Girls Nude when we all are free. I don't think it would be to your benefit to antagonize Stephon too much with demands. I also think it will keep a target off the rest of us if we are still hidden somewhat from those that might try to use us against you. With Stephon as our benefactor, but no longer linked to us mentally, you have given us freedom and privacy that is extremely liberating, something we have never had. The rest we can wait, in order help keep you and my family safe." Max said softly. I looked to Laura, snuggling Angela on her lap and saw that she was in agreement with him. Jake and Joe did not seem to agree with their father but I would do as he asked. I promised myself that I would free them all as soon as possible. "Ok, I understand. Do you think we should tell Sandy what we are up to? I really like her and I think she has a lot to offer." I said smiling at Max mischievously. "You know you may have a point there. She does have some very interesting ties amongst the families as matriarch of our family, she knows all the other matriarchs. I'll call her. I am sure she would be willing to come by and see you again. She seemed very smitten with you." Max beamed at the idea of having the matriarch visiting again. "Ok, well this definitely simplifies things a bit and it will make Stephon easier to deal with. If he realizes that you aren't interested in divesting him of all his beneficiaries then he may let Andrew go more easily." Tim said. I could see that he also did not agree with Max's sentiments but he was not going to comment one way or the other. "I need to know something before we get into this mess too far. I don't know if you will need to do research in order to answer this... Are there enough shape shifters to have a self staining population with out breeding management? I mean that was the reason behind the creation of the benefactor system in the first place wasn't it?" I asked looking to Tim. "Yes and no. Yes there are enough shape shifters currently to have a self sustaining population. Some selective assistance like a couple of arranged marriages or well placed fosterlings of the strongest bloodlines from time to time in the right families would definitely benefit the people Underage Girls Nude as a whole but it is not necessary really for the general population. Nor has it ever been on the verge of extinction. So the answer to the second half of your question is no, the system was not set up to benefit the shape shifters. I wasn't aware of the ulterior motive behind it until I spoke with Brad at length the other day. He was much more involved in the political facets of the treaty than most of us and still is, though our creator and father, Lord Basil. He returned to our creator's service after the death of our Lord, while most of us joined in on the war to avenge our Lord. Our Father wasn't very pleased that so many of his children turned to the bloodlust of the war to avenge our Lord. Most of us were killed. There are a few still around and I am waiting to hear from a few more of them. "Brad told me, the system was created to prevent the births of more Ancients. They purposefully diluted your bloodlines. They crossed weaker strains with the Royals, the strongest of your kind, Underage Girls Nude making them weaker and mixed in Underage Girls Nude as many human dilutions to as possible. They were loosing you see and even though they could create as many new warriors as they wanted, there were so few actual blood born vampires left that they had to stop it somehow. They slaughtered the ancient purebloods wherever they found them, leaving only the weaker hybrids and then they set up the beneficiary system with the born vampires taking on the job of weakening the shape shifters. Some of them disagree with the whole premise and one of those is Stephon. He doesn't like the system. He thinks the whole war was a complete waste of time as he remembers the times when our peoples were truly friends and allies. Stephon is very ancient. That is why he builds up his beneficiaries as much as possible while keeping a low profile. It is why Andrew's family is as strong as it is. It is also why Andrew has had a hard time finding a mate. Because he is so strong he is only attracted to a mate who is as strong or stronger. The rest of the population will naturally do the same, so the people will grow in strength naturally over time. Left alone they will return to their natural state and ancient blood would become more of the norm than the weaker diluted blood. But Stephon needed to keep the strength of his families hidden or it could be viewed as traitorous amongst his colleagues. To have one of their own building up the shape shifters while most of the rest are ripping them apart would not be viewed kindly." "So it would be to Stephon's benefit if he were to free Andrew because then the strong male that is with the Prince could not be linked to his bloodlines, at least not right away." I said catching on to Tim's train of thought. "Yes exactly. You may even end up with Stephon on your side, although he will not thank you for breaking the mental connections with his beneficiaries. I think he used it as much to make sure of their safety as anything else. But it is a very intrusive method to a people as touch sensitive as yours." Tim stated coldly. "Stephon is not bad. He really is one of the better immortals. There are those that will want you dead the minute they hear you are a pureblood ancient." "Well, that's reassuring." I sighed and tried to get myself focused again. "Ok one problem at a time. So Stephon isn't really a bad guy even though I don't like him much. Maybe I will feel differently when I meet him, although I feel like I do know him through Andrew." I sighed leaning back against Andrew who rubbed my shoulders. "Well either way if we can make an ally of him and maybe the other born vampires Underage Girls Nude like him that are building up the shape shifters in secret, it would be good beginning. It would also give you a good idea of which families will be strong enough to be of assistance if this turns ugly and which families have been decimated and need help to strengthen there family bloodlines. I wouldn't count on the Royal family knowing the true condition of the people. From what I have been able to find out they are pretty much a bunch of self centered, self important nobody's whose bloodline unfortunately has been so diluted that they are barely more than human. Most don't live past 100 years. Still they are the `Royal Family' and they make most of the major decisions even though most have no education what so ever." Tim shook his head in disgust. "Charlie what would you think would be the best approach to Stephon?" "Stephon, that's easy. He isn't much better than the Royals you were just talking about. He sees himself as a humanitarian of sorts. He finds everything political tremendously tedious and uninteresting. He is usually self-absorbed in his own interests. Anything that interrupts this self-study of his divinity is an annoyance. He views his having to care for the shape shifters as a price he has to pay for his superiority. It's his duty to care for those less fortunate and less powerful than himself. I think a mixture of power, threats and charm will win him over. He Underage Girls Nude won't respect you unless you can show him that you are more powerful than he is. He won't give over Andrew with being threatened and forced into it because he will see it as his duty to protect him even from you if he feels you are not powerful enough Underage Girls Nude to protect him. I also think he probably has a soft spot for Andrew." Charlie chuckled looking knowingly at Tim. "If you can charm him and flatter him regarding how well he has done his duty and compliment his intelligence, maybe even flatter him about how wise he must be for having been around so long... Ugh." Charlie made a face. "He would probably be putty in your hands." Everyone was laughing around the table at Charlie's disgust. She obviously preferred a much more straight forward approach, so did I. Obviously I was going to need some coaching on the whole flattery and charm thing. Andrew laughed in my head at this thought. "Ok, so what do I expect? Will he try and attack me physically? Attack Andrew, trying to use him against me so I will give up? What?" I asked with exasperation. "Oh god no. I wouldn't expect anything like that. He doesn't think that you are a threat. He hasn't seen a real pureblood in centuries. He won't accept our assessment and will need to see for himself. He is strictly a nonviolent individual, very intellectual. He will try to coheres you and manipulate you. He probably doesn't remember how much power the Ancients had so you will be a surprise to him. He will be taken off guard. He won't expect Andrew, who he has known since birth to have the power he now possesses. By the time he thinks of actually getting his guards involved it will be too late. You will have demonstrated your power and in the process threatened him sufficiently to get his full attention. Don't under estimate him. His appearance and the initial impression he gives off is very disarming. It will just be a matter of making him see what would be in his best interest and his beneficiaries' best interests. He abhors violence and has seen enough wars in his time that he will not be interested in having blood spilled in his home." Charlie smiled wickedly. "We will be there of course, your vassals, which will annoy him. We will have to pull in a couple more of us to act as a guard for you. You won't really need our help though. It will be mostly bluff and show, especially on his part." Charlie hissed in amusement, enjoying some private joke. "Ok, well I think tomorrow we should get Sandy's take on this and see what she can tell us about the Royals and the matriarchs. I am sure that they will be contacting us next. We definitely need to get them on our side even if they are a useless bunch of pups. Hopefully Sandy will know which families actually are still viable and which are in dire conditions." said Max picking up the phone to call her. "Where do we go from here? I mean if we get Stephon on our side and we get the Royals on our Underage Girls Nude side as well as the matriarchs? What's next?" I asked bewildered. "Well then we would need to petition the vampire nation for Right to Rule under the statutes of the treaty. They would have to agree because you fulfill the requirements of the role but they may make it a trial period because of your age. They will want to stipulate that it be made permanent after such time if you are successful in setting up a viable government, as well as if you are killed, control of the shape shifters would be returned to them. You will have to have an heir, but I am really guessing hypothetically here, the one to ask would be Stephon or maybe Lord Basil. At any rate, once you become a known entity I am expecting that there will be more death threats and attempts on your life. I am sorry, but with as much animosity against the Fenrir family as there is, the threats could come from both sides. So many were killed in that war, there isn't a family that wasn't touched by death in some way and vengeance is a very well know part of your society and mine. Some will not stop because you can help them. They will try and kill you anyway." Tim said his voice soft. "Well I am not going to dwell on that." Andrew rubbed my arms feeling my spirits falling as I thought of all the pain that had been caused by my Mother. "Ok kids, I think we have done about as much as we can today. Charlie and I need to get back and start making some phone calls so we can pull together a decent guard for you, a fairly impressive group will be necessary to make Stephon take notice." Tim smiled. "I have a few in mind specifically." Charlie said with that twisted smile of hers. Charlie and Tim headed back through the house and saying their good evenings to Underage Girls Nude the family as they went. Despite Charlie's appearance, I really liked her. She said what was on her mind. You knew instantly where you stood with her. There was no hidden agenda where she was concerned. Andrew felt my fondness for both Tim and Charlie as we watched them leave. Andrew and I stayed in the kitchen. He had sat down and pulled me onto his lap. "We are going to be fine love. Really, whatever comes we will handle it together." "I know, it just seems so overwhelming." I whispered. I could put on a good strong front for the others Underage Girls Nude and sarcasm was my best friend where that was concerned but Andrew knew exactly how insignificant and lost I felt. I knew that they were all counting on me and I didn't know if I could measure up to what they needed me to be. I was just a wild runaway after all. I wasn't exceptional. I felt and heard Andrew's denial of those thoughts as he kissed my neck and hugged me tight. The family was back then, having said good bye to the vampires. "Sandy said she would be here first thing in the morning. She is excited to be of use. I told her a little of what was going on and she thinks of course that it's a riot. She has some ideas of which families will be of use and will call a couple contacts tonight to see if she can get us some support. It will have to be minimal this time with Stephon, but when you are going up against the Royals and then against the vampire council she thinks that we will have more support. She is more optimistic than Tim. She doesn't think there will be that many of our people who will want to kill you. She thinks we are all ready for a peaceful free future. I sighed, I was getting very tired. Andrew picked up that I really wanted to go back our cottage. He smiled down at me and lovingly caressed my cheek. I could feel that he wanted the same and would make our escape Underage Girls Nude for us. I needed some time to get things sorted in my head and prepare myself for the reality of what we were going to try and do. We were really going to try and free his people. "Ok, well it seems Underage Girls Nude that this is all going to happen in the morning. I think Lance and I will go back to the cottage. It's getting late and we still cherish our alone time." He smiled down at me. I grinned and hit him on the arm. That wasn't quite how I wanted to make our polite escape. Everyone laughed as we got up and moved through the house. We left them on the porch, having said our good nights. Andrew wanted to have a vehicle at the cottage so we went to the barn and got his black Dodge Ram F150 truck. It was 4-wheel drive and could handle just about any terrain with ease and it was Andrew's pride and joy. He loved the roar and power of the engine and grinned when he pulled it out of the barn to the road and I climbed into the cab. I reached over and mussed his hair as he laughed and gunned the engine heading for the cottage. I enjoyed his family but I really loved having the cottage to escape to. I loved having Andrew to myself and although my fear of people was much better, I still appreciated being alone with him. I could tell that he missed the intimate contact with his family but he too wanted to be alone with me right now. We liked to spend our free time in each others arms and neither of us was real comfortable doing so around his family. They could wait a little while longer. He wasn't done having me to himself yet. As we approached our little clearing, I could hear the snap of a whip and the clang of weapons over the engine of the truck. Andrew hit Underage Girls Nude the gas. Charlie was standing in the center of the clearing with three vampires around her. She was severely outnumbered and although she was making a good show for herself, she was loosing ground. Andrew barreled the truck right into the middle of the fight. Charlie leaped at the last second and was standing on the hood of the truck. I wasn't sure what she was doing here but I was not about to let her die. I was transforming as I opened the door to the truck. I was a white tiger before my feet hit the ground. Andrew caught sight of my choice as I leapt from the vehicle. He had chosen differently, the gigantic polar bear was landing on his side of the truck. Charlie Underage Girls Nude was on one knee still on the hood of the truck while we attacked her aggressors from the sides. My roar echoed over the clearing for miles, joined by the roar of the bear. Charlie never moved, seeing the shock in the eyes of the attacking vampires as we approached one on either side of the truck. I chanced a look at Charlie, she was exhausted. The two of us closed on the three vampires. I roared and attached the vampire on the right while Andrew was ripping apart the vampire on the left. We had dispatched the vampires on either side in seconds. The third ran around the truck and towards the road with lightening speed only to run headlong into the twins sandy wolves who had heard us roaring and had come running. The pause in his escape was enough for Andrew to catch the vampire with a huge paw and rip him to shreds. Charlie collapsed now and lay twitching uncontrollably across the Underage Girls Nude hood of the truck. I leaned with 2 huge paws up on the Underage Girls Nude hood of the truck beside her, cuffing softly. My tiger wondered if we licked her wounds if it would kill her or help her. I didn't want to take the chance. I looked at Andrew who came up and had transformed. He was yelling at his brothers to sweep the tree line to make sure there weren't any others out there. Charlie was dying I knew it. It we had to get her to Tim and Underage Girls Nude fast. I didn't know what to do to help her. I transformed and pulled her into my arms. She was much lighter than I expected her to be or I was much stronger. Andrew helped me up into the cab of the truck and I held her on my lap with her head by my shoulder. Andrew yelled at the boys telling them to gather the pieces and burn them. Andrew climbed into the driver seat and spun the truck around heading for the farm. Charlie shook and twitched uncontrollably. Sometimes she seemed to be conscious others her eyes would roll unseeing in her head. I talked softly to her. Andrew's driving was wild, he poured every ounce of the substantial power of the truck into its speed down the highway while on the phone with Tim. He was telling Tim that we had found Charlie in the meadow and that she's in bad shape and we were on our way to his clinic now. He said he would meet us there. The drive seemed to take forever even though I knew that Andrew was driving well over the speed limit. I continued to speak softly to Charlie the whole time. I gently stroked her face telling her to stay with me. She had locked her eyes on me and I was doing everything I could to hold those eyes. I wasn't going to let her close her eyes. There were wounds all over her body, all black and oozing. I could tell she was in excruciating pain. I could also tell that she was struggling to keep from attacking me. I was sure that she needed blood. I didn't know what ancient blood would do to her, but my wolf was sure it wouldn't be good and it wouldn't help her. I kept talking to her calmly holding her eyes. Andrew had hit the breaks and I knew that we were at the back of the clinic in a partially hidden alleyway. Tim was beside the truck door and was pulling Charlie out the door, rushing with her in his arms into the clinic almost before the truck had stopped. Andrew was at my door reaching for and taking my hand, I jumped out the door and we ran after Tim. I was suddenly self conscious about my nudity but I was more concerned about Charlie. She was lying so still. I wasn't even sure she was breathing. Tim was looking her over intently. He brought a couple of bags of human blood, then glanced quickly at me while he worked, "I'm sorry if this offends you but it is the best way to help her." Charlie was catatonic now and her eyes had lost focus and were staring blankly at the ceiling. "Don't worry about me Tim. Help her." I nearly screamed at him. He sliced open Underage Girls Nude a corner of the bag of human transfusion blood and forced it between Charlie's lips. She instantly gasped like someone had handed her a lifeline. She was swallowing as quickly as she could but her eyes were still unfocused and swirling unseeing. Tim motioned to Andrew who took over feeding Charlie as he began to look at her wounds. They were oozing black puss. "She's been poisoned. The blades must have been treated. I don't know if the blood will do more than keep her here. As far as I know there isn't an antidote for this." Tim wiped the black ooze from the wounds trying to clean them but they continued to fester and spread faster than he could clean them. "Tim, when Jack was hit with the blades, my saliva cleaned the wound and healed him. My saliva worked like an antidote. But it was also acidic and corrosive to the vampires I attacked. Do you think it is possible that there are two types of saliva in my mouth, one that heals and Underage Girls Nude one like a poison is venomous?" I asked as Tim fought to clean wounds that continued to get more septic as he worked. "I need more blood here. She's already finished this one." Andrew said insistently. Tim handed Andrew another liter of blood cutting the end open and pouring it into Charlie's mouth. She wasn't getting any better. "It's possible that you have both and maybe you can control which you use. I don't know for sure. It may be that what is cleansing and healing for you is naturally corrosive to us. But, nothing we are doing here is helping her. I'm ready to try anything. I say give it a try. Even if it is corrosive, if it cleans the wound of the poison, the blood should be able heal the rest." Tim stated looking me in the eyes. I was the wolf then. I stood on my back legs with my front paws on the table. I told my wolf that this was a very special friend. He new that Charlie meant a lot to me and that I liked her. Please I begged him, help me to heal her. The wolf curled his nose back at the smell of the black ooze. I felt the saliva flowing in my jaws. I prayed that it was the healing kind. I swept my tongue across one of the oozing cuts on Charlie's arm. There was a small amount Underage Girls Nude of sizzling from the wound and I spit the black ooze out of my mouth onto the floor. It made me feel sick. The wound almost instantly began to knit and heal over. "It's working Lance. Again please." Tim said pointing at a much more severe wound on Charlie's thigh that went straight to the bone of her leg. I worked steadily from then on cleaning the wounds and spitting out the ooze. I was really feeling sick as the last wound was cleaned. I didn't know if it was to black ooze or the vampire blood. When I was sure that was the last one was clean I threw up. I was nauseous and dizzy. I knew I was very sick. Andrew had the same concentration Underage Girls Nude on his face as I had, my determination spilling over into him. He was so absorbed in getting the blood into Charlie's mouth and watching for her eyes start focusing that he missed it as I started to get blurry eyed and waver on my feet. I vaguely heard him shouting to Tim as things started to go black and I crumpled to the floor.
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